Little Greeks United

Apply to the ultimate Greek online language competition for UK students that will take place again in early 2025.

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The Greek Challenge

The Greek Online School in collaboration with the Daughters of Penelope, London chapter 440, with the support of the Education Office of the Greek Embassy in London, and in affiliation with the University of Patras and the Open University, are inviting children of Greek background to join in a thrilling knowledge game that combines learning and fun. If you are between the ages of 8-12 and a UK citizen, you are eligible to join. All you need is some knowledge of Greek and fast fingers on a smartphone. This live online competition will be divided into 2 to 4 stages depending on the participation. 

The focus of the live online competition is of course the Greek language and the questions will focus on Greek mythology, history, and geography. The questions will be carefully crafted by a team of experts from the University of Patras to ensure that they are aligned with the specific goals of the competition.

Little Greeks United

Our goal

This online competition was conceived in an effort to ignite a spark of curiosity and enthusiasm for Greek language and culture in children and especially pre-teens. After a lot of testing in our online classrooms, we reached the conclusion that there is no better way to learn that when you are having fun. Learning should be an adventure, an epic quest filled with exciting challenges, where every step brings you closer to unlocking the mysteries of Greek language, mythology, geography, and history. We understand that traditional learning methods may not always capture young minds, so we’ve reimagined education as a thrilling, gamified experience. This competition aims to recapture children’s interest in Greek and give this new generation the opportunity to experience our language in a contemporary and fun way. 


  • Experience the magic of gamified learning
  • Form new friendships with children of similar backgrounds
  • Make Greek more appealing to the new generation of children 
  • Expand your knowledge on the Greek language and culture 
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Competition Prizes

At ‘Little Greeks United,’ we believe in celebrating success. That’s why our competition comes with fantastic rewards for the top performers. The third-place student grabs a cool digital instant camera, the second-place contender walks away with a mini home projector, and the ultimate champion gets their hands on a Virtual Reality Headset! These prizes are our way of recognizing outstanding performance and motivation in Greek language education.


  • All players must be 8-12 years old
  • All players must be UK citizens
  • All players must have computer access
  • All players must have smartphone or table access
  • All players must have downloaded the Kahoot app on their smartphone or tablet
  • All players must be sitting in a quiet well-lit place
  • All players must have their headphones on
  • All players must have a stable internet connection

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