Christmas in Greece: Christopsomo

christmas bread

Christopsomo (bread of Christ) is a type of bread that Greeks make 2-3 days before Christmas. This tradition has its origins in ancient Greece, when people would make bread as a bloodless sacrifice to the Gods. In modern times, there are various ways to make Christopsomo, some recipes are sweet and others are spicy. However, its greatest difference to normal bread is its decoration. Greeks usually decorate it with a cross or decorations that symbolize prosperity or fertility.

Of course there are slight variations to the recipe and decorations between regions of Greece. However, the main idea is that it is a type of bread meant to honor Christ and ask him for good health, prosperity and fertility. This is precisely why it is not supposed to be cut with a knife due to the negative connotations of the cold iron. Consequently, you are only supposed to cut it with your hands and share it with the people on your table. 

What about you? Do you bake Greek Christmas bread at home? Help us learn what Greeks abroad do at Christmas at our Greek Christmas Traditions survey.

In case you are interested in making Greek Christmas bread, you may find a popular recipe here. Καλή όρεξη και καλά Χριστούγεννα!

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