Christmas in Greece: Christmas Carols


Christmas caroling is for Greek children one of the sweetest and most fun memories of their childhood. What is special about this Greek Christmas tradition is that it has more or less survived throughout the years and it is something that is still passed onto the next generations of little Greeks. 

On Christmas Eve children in Greece gather in small groups and start knocking on the doors of their neighbors. When they open, the children ask “να τα πούμε,” (shall we sing) and they start singing the Christmas carols. Some children might play the guitar, flute and triangle of course while singing. Once they finish, the people of the house give them money, Christmas sweets like melomakarona or fruit. 

Children caroling is considered a sign of good luck and prosperity for the new year and most people gladly accept children in their houses. Usually caroling ends with the wish “εις έτη πολλά” or “και του χρόνου” which show hope for the new years to come. 

And since the Greek Online School students cannot knock on your doors and say “να τα πούμε,” we found a way to spread their voices to every corner of the world. Καλά Χριστούγεννα! 

Enjoy them here.  

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