Full Time Greek Schools

The Greek Online School in collaboration with the biggest online tutoring centre in Greece “Etsi Mathainw” offers tutoring to students who attend full time Greek schools all around the world.

Tutoring is provided either through private lessons that can be adjusted to the needs and schedule of each student or through group lessons that are conducted on times and days set by Etsi Mathainw.

Students’ integration courses for Greek Schools in Greece.

Those courses are offered to students who plan to return to Greece and will therefore need to be integrated into the Greek educational system.

Tutoring to students of full time Greek schools abroad.

Those courses have been designed for students who need or would like to improve their performance in their full time Greek school abroad.

Preparation for the Greek national entrance exams.

Greek Universities attract each year more and more students as they offer high quality scientific courses. Greek Universities are worldwide known and tuition is free.  Though, the entrance in a Greek University requires an organized and strict preparation. The tutors of “Etsi Mathainw” are committed to help you ensure your success but also to offer you substantial knowledge required for your studies.

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