In Greek Lessons OnLine we encourage fun learning. We are committed to make Greek language learning an enjoyable experience for all our students!

Our path for fun learning in and out of class


Learning vocabulary used to be one of the most boring things for students. Not anymore.... Your vocabulary set can be one of the most fun activities if it is provided in an interactive environment. We want our students to enjoy the process of learning new words. For this purpose, we use a specific application that transforms our vocabulary lists to flashcards, quizzes, and language games! You can download this application to your tablet or smartphone and play with your new words at any time!

Play language games

Who said that games are a waste of time? Learning through games can be fun and is effective at the same time! Our students play the hangman, crosswords, scatter, gravity and more online or traditional games. These games are not only for our young students but for our adults as well! Learn like a child and enjoy your learning!


There are so many beautiful Greek songs online! Greek songs capture you and if you go with the music, it feels like you travel all over Greece while listening to the melodies. Sing along with the teacher and your classmates! Do not be shy! However, if singing is not your thing then you can just listen to the songs and participate in the planned activities.

Making Friends

Attending a Greek School is not only about learning, but for some people it is a way to connect and network with other Greeks. Some people would say “online lessons lack the pleasure of connecting with other Greeks”.... Well, this is not true about Greek Lessons OnLine. Greeks love to meet new people and make friends and we encourage this in so many ways. Not only operating group classes but also by organizing our yearly group events! We use technology to bring you closer to people that have never been able to meet in another way!

Group events

Our online events are fun not only for our students but for all our teachers as well. We invite all of our students, kids and adults, to participate in fun activities and meet each other. Every year we organize 3 big events for our students, the “Christmas Celebration”, the “Speak Greek Teleconference”, and the “Summer Celebration”. During these events our students take part in language activities, some sing, while others play their favorite instrument to entertain their classmates! It is so much fun! We also have “The Open Day”, where anyone can join our classes and meet us. In addition to that we have the “Parents Day” event where we invite all the parents of our young students’ to join us and share their concerns with the teacher, other parents, and the director. We feel so proud to bring Greeks from all over the world together!

Greek series and movies

Watching movies and listening to natives speak, connects you to the real Greek. Yes, your teacher is also native but she/he might speak slowly to you at some points- which is not very common for Greeks.... There are so many sources for Greek movies and series! Go to YouTube and you will find many episodes and movies, and even if, most of them do not have subtitles do not be intimidated... It is better than nothing.... In our lessons, we are using some Greek movies and series and I have to say that especially for our intermediate students, it is their favorite activity.

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