For all our courses we use high quality and up-to-date educational material, enriched with plenty of videos and audio files. For our young learners we use kids’ videos and songs while for our adult learners we use videos from Greek movies, popular Greek TV series, and songs. These videos and audios help our students to enrich their vocabulary, practice their listening skills, and develop their conversational abilities.  

Our widely experienced teachers are specially trained to employ our lesson plans in the most effective way, always according to the needs of each student. We do not just fill in the template of our lesson plans, but we create a content that focuses on making our students’ learning last.

We believe that the basic principles for good lesson planning are:


We use a large number of different teaching methods and techniques rather than being “slaves” to one methodology. Therefore teaching and learning becomes more effective and more efficient. We truly believe in flexibility being one of the most important elements of a great teacher and a good lesson!


In our lessons we include different types of activities and we always introduce our students to a board selection of materials, so learning remains always motivating, interesting, and never monotonous.


The contents and tasks planned for the lessons are always adapted to the learning capability of the students. Of course, activities are not too easy either. A content that is too easy or too difficult for the students to cope with will eventually diminish their motivation.


The stages and steps within each lesson are planned in such a way that they are always linked with one another. Language learning needs recycling and reinforcement, so this is what we are here for!

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