Learning through Greek Lessons OnLine is easy not only because of the technology used but mainly because of the tips we follow!

Our tips guidelines to learn Greek the easy way

Learn in small groups

Some students prefer to remain flexible and take private lessons, but we have seen that students in small groups actually learn faster. Learning comes through interaction with other learners as well!

Be with the right classmates

We do not just place students randomly in groups. We want our students within the same group to match and to form a good “team”. To be in the same level, age, and most of all, to share the same passion for Greek.

Speak the language

We encourage our students to speak Greek as much as possible -regardless of their level- with a number of activities in and out of class. Our series “We Love Greece” helps our students to practice their speaking skills by reading out loud along with the recording!

Speak to yourself

Sometimes it is not easy to practice Greek if you are not around Greeks. People might think you are crazy...but you will learn easier!


Repeat a set of words or phrases to make them yours 100%. Repetition is the mother of all learning!

Make mistakes

It is absolutely normal to make mistakes. Learning comes through many paths and making mistakes is one of them.


You must learn to listen before you speak. Concentrate in the sounds created by the other person and listen to audio material again and again!

Watch people talk

I know it seems strange to really look at someone while speaking but only then you can notice the position of their tongue, lips, and throat while they produce certain sounds.

Believe in yourself

You can learn Greek as long as you believe in yourself. You will make it!

Have fun with it

Choose activities that make you have fun. Learning through fun activities makes learning much easier and more effective! Play the hangman, sing, write small poems or prepare a play with your classmates!

Take breaks

Research on human motivation has shown that we are more productive when we take frequent and small breaks. Study for 20 minutes and take a 5-minute break or study for 30 minutes and take a 10-minute break.

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