Greek Traditions


Christmas in Greece: Hristoxyla

It’s never cold in Greece… That’s a huge lie. Greece is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe and it can get quite cold. Especially, in its more northern parts like the region of

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zante christmas

Christmas in Greece: Zante

As you can imagine each place in Greece is famous for their own Christmas traditions that make spending the holidays there special and unique. On the island of Zante, Zakynthos as Greeks say, there is

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christmas bread

Christmas in Greece: Christopsomo

Christopsomo (bread of Christ) is a type of bread that Greeks make 2-3 days before Christmas. This tradition has its origins in ancient Greece, when people would make bread as a bloodless sacrifice to the

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christmas boats

Christmas in Greece: Christmas boats

The Christmas boat or “karavaki” as Greeks call it is the most Greek tradition you will find in the country around the holidays. In the past Greeks, being a nautical people, would decorate boats instead

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