Greek Summer Camp Benefits

Shall we sign up the kids for a Greek Language Summer Camp this year? We love our computer screens. However, there is nothing like learning in nature and making friends and memories in Greece that

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10 years_online

Celebrating 10 Years Greek Online

A Greek School found at…home Once upon a time, many years before anyone could even think of the word pandemic, two Greek friends educated in the field of education and technology started an online Greek

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melbourne greeks

Greeks of the World || Melbourne

What’s the largest Greek city after Athens and Thessaloniki? Patras? Heraklion? Larisa? Cue to wrong answer buzzer sound. The correct answer is Melbourne! Melbourne has a Greek community of about 400,000 people, has been holding

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tarpon springs

Greeks of the World || Tarpon Springs

Many Greek expats and Greek immigrants will say that Greece is always with them. They keep it close in their hearts, in their summer memories, their family meals and Sunday churches. If you find yourself

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greek language survey

The big Greek Language Survey

Our School’s greatest mission is to make the Greek language and Hellenic culture accessible to anyone interested no matter their background or place of the world they live in.  Our students come from various countries

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hfs sponsorship

Learn to Love Greek Films

Understanding spoken Greek and actually speaking is more challenging than written language for a lot of learners. That’s why many of our students often ask for ways to help them improve their listening and speaking

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